Pope John Elementary School - Madison, Indiana


Pope John XXIII Elementary

221 West State Street
Madison, Indiana 47250
Fax: 812-265-4566


7:45am – 3:45pm


Bethany Fewell, Principal
Pope John Elementary XXIII

Pope John XXIII Elementary is an amazing place! Since 1966 Pope John XXIII has been providing quality Catholic education in southern Indiana as part of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. We are proud of our past academic achievements, we are proud of our past students’ successes, and we are proud of the moral values that we help parents to instill in their children. We are most proud of the relationships that we foster within these walls. Students grow in their relationship and knowledge of God and in doing so are guided to a better understanding of how to care for one another. People here care. Parents, teachers, and students all care about one another. It is with this care that we continue to move forward successfully.

Mission Statement

Prince of Peace Catholic Schools, centered in christ, is a welcoming place to grow in mind, body and faith while serving the people of God.

Vision Statement

Prince of Peace Schools will be the educational choice for families seeking an exemplary education, faith based values and lifelong learning skills.

He creates, We shape and They soar


He creates:

Every child is a unique gift from God

We shape:

We nurture the whole child assisting the family in the full intellectual, spiritual and physical development through rigorous academics tailored to the students needs. The school will enable the students to serve as leaders in their school and become valuable members of the church and civic community.

They soar:

Globally connected, contributing citizens…… We strive for the development of lifelong learning, strong moral decision making skills and health in mind and body for all learners.


Students are created in the image of God.
Students learn the Gospel values and use them in daily life.
Students are provided with worship opportunities as well as community service learning.
Students are unique and lovable. Each holds a gift or talent to be shared. We learn to appreciate others through their contributions to our community.
Teachers, parents and students work as a partnership to achieve our goals.
Students develop a love for learning which builds commitment and passion for lifelong learning.
Children are encouraged to reach their own potential.
Our school strives to provide an atmosphere that fully supports the Catholic faith, values diversity and supports social, cognitive, emotional and physical development.

A Pope John Grad at Graduation

During their time at Pope John Elementary School, students build the foundation for their future. Students begin to form as responsible learners, which will be shown in their academic achievement, physical activity and social awareness. The skills gained Pope John students are based in Catholic teachings and values. Examples of the student achievements are:


  • Is a community minded citizen
  • Is Independent
  • Shows tolerance of people’s differences
  • Is a good stewart of time, talent and treasure
  • Is spiritually grounded
  • Is an active participant in his faith
  • Is morally responsible
  • Has strong knowledge of the Catholic faith
  • Respects life


  • Has a goal of further education
  • Is fully prepared for further education
  • Is organized
  • Is a self-directed problem solver
  • Possess articulate speaking skills
  • Is a life-long learner and critical thinker
  • Integrates technology
  • Writes with purpose and accuracy


  • Has an ownership in his education
  • Is a strong alumni supporter of schools
  • Is a good mentor
  • Possesses positive self-worth
  • Is proactive socially as well as academically
  • Takes responsibility
  • Is accountable for actions
  • Presents self well in all situations


  • Is physically active
  • Is active in extracurricular activities
  • Has a healthy lifestyle
  • Demonstrates appreciation of natural resources

Pope John Elementary XXIII Profile

Founded in 1966, Pope John XXIII Elementary is a co-educational Catholic school for Preschool and grades K – 6. Pope John is affiliated with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. It is through students, parents, faculty, and administration that Pope John continues the tradition of excellence in Catholic education. Today, Pope John offers a quality education to 283 students from Madison, Jefferson County, and surrounding communities.

Our Faculty and Staff

  • Fr. Chris Craig, Pastor and Chaplain
  • Mr. Phil Kahn, President, Ext. 245
  • Mrs. Bethany Fewell, Principal, Ext. 210
  • Mrs. Angela Miller, Dean of Studies, Ext. 230
  • Mrs. Ashley Copeland, School Counselor, Ext. 227

Current Enrollment

  • Preschool: 61
  • Kindergarten-6th Grade: 241
  • Pope John has 19 full-time and 28 part-time faculty/staff.
  • Our average class size is 17.2

Grading System

3rd-6th Grade

Percentage Scale
95-100 A
86-94 B
76-85 C
70-75 D
69-0 F

K-2nd Grade

Skill Based Scale
E Exceeds Standard
M Met Standard
N Did not meet Standard
X Did not cover the Standard

O-Outstanding, S-Satisfactory, U-Unsatisfactory, I-Improving

Spring 2017 ISTEP+

(% of students who scored at or above the state standard)

3rd Grade English/Language Arts 81.6%
Mathematics 50%
4th Grade English/Language Arts 81.6%
Mathematics 50%
Science 73.7%
5th Grade English/Language Arts 52.9%
Mathematics 58.8%
6th Grade English/Language Arts 73.2%
Mathematics 63.4%

Refer to Indiana Department of Education for more information.

Accreditation and Membership

Pope John XXIII Elementary School is accredited by the Indiana Department of Education and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Pope John is also a member of the Indiana Non-Public Education Association.

Academic Teams

Extra academic team opportunities are experienced at Pope John which includes: Geography Bee, Math Bowl, Spelling Bowl and Science Bowl.

Special Classes

On a weekly basis, Pope John students receive instruction in special classes:    creative art, computer instruction, library media, music or band, and p.e. Students are given the opportunity to learn more about the Spanish or French languages and cultures.

Unique Opportunities

Our students have the opportunity to use and improve their public speaking skills from kindergarten through 6th grade by actively participating in weekly liturgies.

Daily prayer sets the tone for the day, gives the entire school an opportunity to think about their faith and remember people in their lives who need our prayers.    Our Christian environment provides a sense of community.

Caring  and dedicated teachers are involved with numerous activities, attend sporting events, encourage academic competitions and share their faith-filled lives with their students.

Pope John students are involved in service learning projects;  Birthline, Run for Molly  Dattilo,  food drives and donating items for those less fortunate, just to name a few.

After School Activities

Baton,  Boy  Scouts,  Dance,  Piano,  Girls  on  the  Run, and Pope John Running Club

Extended Care is offered for every child at Pope John from 3:00-5:15pm.

Pope John Preschool/Daycare

Pope John Preschool/Daycare offers a unique and quality  program  for  preschool aged children.  The program is staffed with 11 quality individuals who provide  a  caring  and  nurturing  environment  for developmental  growth  and  enrichment  for  our children’s future.

pope john elementary school students