Pope John elementary students cheering for Shawe high school graduates

The standard dress code of Pope John XXIII Elementary School is based on the belief that students present an image that reflects a sense of pride in themselves, their families, and their school. In a society where consumerism attempts to define social position and where self-worth is established by price, label or the logo which appears on clothing, our Standard Dress Code stands as a reminder that the real worth of the individual is in what he or she accomplishes with the gifts God has given him/her. We (parents, students, and staff) have to work together to ensure that the students are wearing the appropriate dress.

On dress down and dress up days, students are expected to dress appropriately for school. No pajama pants, plunging necklines, short shorts/skirts, tank tops, clothing with spaghetti straps or backless shoes are allowed.

Girls & Boys

  • Pope John polo shirt colors are navy blue, hunter green, gold, white and maize (soft yellow).
  • Short-sleeve polo shirts may be worn with a white short-sleeve t-shirt underneath, no long sleeve or colored shirts may be worn underneath the short-sleeve polo.
  • Pants/shorts: Khaki (tan), navy blue, and blue jeans (regular style – no faded stages of color, no extra zippers, holes or frayed at seams or hem); if khaki or navy pants or shorts have pockets, the pockets are to be flat and neat in appearance. Skirts and shorts must be upper knee length. No sweatpants are allowed.
  • Pope John sweatshirt colors: navy blue, hunter green or gray with a logo
  • Sweaters: navy blue crewneck, v-neck, sweater vest or cardigan sweater
  • Hoodies may not be worn during the school day except outside.
  • Green fleece pullovers & jackets with the approved monogrammed logo – Parents may have their
  • child’s initials embroidered onto the child’s feece.
  • Shoes: shoes must have a backstrap
  • No hair dye except for natural colors is allowed unless the principal authorizes a “special day”.
  • No holes in pants
  • Boys: Boys with shoulder length hair or longer must have it in a ponytail.
  • Girls: Jumpers-navy blue or khaki with a white polo, white blouse or white turtleneck underneath. Girls may also wear blue jean or navy blue skirts, skorts, or capris, or khaki skirts, skorts or capris. Navy blue one-piece polo dresses with the monogrammed logo are now approved. NO miniskirts or midriff tops are allowed at any time. If leggings are worn, the item of clothing worn over the leggings, (jumper, skirt or skort) must still comply with the fingertip length. NO tights or leggings may be worn under shorts.
  • All clothing must be worn as it is intended to be worn, (i.e. shirt tails must be tucked into slacks, skirts or shorts; slacks and shorts must be worn at the waist). Not wearing clothing properly will result in the same sanctions as not wearing the clothing identified in the standard dress code.
  • Polo shirts with the original logo from the 1997-98 school year, which do not have the “shamrock” logo, are not permitted.
  • Students may wear a plain white turtleneck or mock turtleneck shirts, a plain white t-shirt or uniform polo shirts under sweaters and sweatshirts, however, no sleeves may show.
  • Jewelry should be modest and conservative. No other visible body parts other than the basic earlobe should be pierced with jewelry.
  • Subtle make-up may be worn but may not be brought to school. Lip-gloss and Chap Stick can be used providing it does not become a nuisance item.

Pope John polo shirts and sweatshirts are available from several sources. Please purchase the dress code shirts from the following vendors to ensure you have the proper colors. Locally, uniform shirts can be ordered from: Heitz Sign Co., 273-2009, Liverty Screen Printing (Josh and Stephanie Nitcher) 812-273-4358, M2C2 (Mike Whitham), 812-493-5547, and  Gilpin’s, 812-689-6188.  In addition, catalog or internet shoppers will find polo shirts and sweatshirts available through Lands’ End and J.C. Penney.