2023-2024 Online Registration

2024-25 Online Registration

About Us

At Pope John Preschool & Daycare we want your child to experience stimulating, fun, and developmentally appropriate activities as they begin their journey to formal education. It is our hope that children learn to manage their feelings through work and play with others. The teaching techniques are as varied and unique as the children’s.  We provide an atmosphere where Christian ideals of love and respect are demonstrated.  We celebrate the birth and life of Jesus teaching Christian values and respect. Grace is said before snacks and meals.


Students presently enrolled, siblings and members of Prince of Peace Catholic Church begin pre-registration in January, during Catholic Schools Week.  Pre-registration is based on a first come first serve basis.  Parents are required to fill out a registration for each student attending the Pope John Preschool Program for the 2024-2025 school year.  A registration fee of $75 is required to enroll and is non-refundable. You do not have to pay registration for preschool, only, if you have another student attending K-12 at Prince of Peace Catholic Schools.  A waiting list will be started if the classes are filled; Parents will be notified when a position becomes available.  Children of all races and religions are welcome.


Pope John Preschool Information 2024-2025

Pope John Preschool is proud to provide quality, accredited preschool in Jefferson County. We truly believe that preschool, in our faith-based environment, is an excellent way to help students prepare for the next step of kindergarten!  There have been a few changes made to the 2024-2025 preschool program.

Three and Four-Year-Old Programs

Pope John’s three and four-year-old programs will be five days a week.  You may choose the morning program that runs from 7:00 am to 12:45 pm and provides lunch included in the tuition, or you may choose the all-day program that runs from 7:00 am to 2:50 pm and also includes lunch in the tuition. Our five-day program does offer extended care after 2:50, but this will be done through a separate program called Smartcare which is run by the Pope John extended care program.  Pope John’s extended care program is open from 3:00 p.m.-5:15 pm with a charge of $4.00 per hour.

Three and Four-Year-Old Multiage Program

Pope John Preschool does provide a three-day-a-week half-day class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:00 am to 12:45 pm. This class is offered as an option for part-time preschool for students whose parents wish for their child to have the opportunity to build social skills and also have the opportunity to experience learning in an academic setting but still provide time at home with parents. 


Multiage program – child must be potty trained and 3 years old by August 1st. It will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday half days only.

PreK3  program – child must be potty trained and 3 by August 1st. It will be Monday – Friday half or full days.

PreK4 program – child must be potty trained and 4 by August 1st. It will be Monday – Friday half or full days.

Extended Care is available after 3 pm until 5:15 pm for $4 per hour for PreK3 & PreK4, full days only.

Parent Involvement

We feel parents choose Pope John Preschool/Daycare because they want a good foundation for formal learning.  Pope John Preschool is a happy, loving school where children have positive experiences.  An Orientation Meeting for parents is held before the beginning of school and conferences are scheduled when needed or by request. Monthly calendars and weekly newsletters are sent home to provide ongoing communication.  A parent handbook is provided at the beginning of each year.  We are included in the elementary school functions throughout the year. These activities are opportunities to get involved with no obligations. Your participation is welcome and encouraged and helps make our schools a success.

School Costs

Payments for Preschool/Daycare can be paid in full or divided into monthly payments due on the first of each month. Tuition is paid through F.A.C.T.S., an automatic withdrawal system set up through the school’s business office.  No deductions are made for the absence of a child or snow days.

Preschool Affiliated (Affiliated means that your family members are baptized Catholics who are registered and attend Sunday Mass at Prince of Peace Church.)

Grades                                                               Total Tuition                             Semi- Annual Plan                                       

July 1st & December 1st

Monthly Plan: August – May                                 

(Does not include $50 FACTS Fee)

Multiage- 3 half days


$2760 $1,380 each $276 each
3  & 4 year old- 5 half days


$3,960 $1,980 each $396 each
3 & 4  year old- 5 full day


$4,320 $2,160 each $432 each

Preschool Non- Affiliated


Total Tuition                             Semi-Annual Plan                                         

July 1st & December 1st

Monthly Plan: August-May                                  

(Does not include $50 FACTS Fee)

Multiage- 3 half days


$2760 $1,380 each $276 each
3  & 4 year old- 5 half days


$4,140 $2,070 each $414 each
3 & 4  year old- 5 full day


$4,500 $2,250 each

$450 each

*Changing the student’s schedule must be pre-approved by Ms. Whitney Konkle, Preschool Director. 

Pope John Preschool does participate in the On My Way PreK program. 


Pope John Preschool is proud to offer a safe and nurturing environment for early childhood education.  Our teachers have years of experience teaching and working with young children. All teachers are certified in C.P.R. and First Aid.

For more information:

Whitney Konkle – Director

(812) 273-3957 ext. 289

[email protected]